Oz Quickpack

A six-pack of Oz quickdraws, featuring the keylock functionality and snag-free benefits of our HoodWire technology.

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BD's lightest quickdraw, the Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw now features the snag-free benefits of our HoodWire Technology, making it ideal for trimming ounces on all-day gear routes and marathon sport pitches. Featuring hot-forged Oz carabiner on the top and bottom as well as a lightweight 10 mm Dynex dogbone, this draw shines on alpine missions and any climb where a light rack is crucial to the send. The Oz's patent-pending stainless steel wire hood brings keylock functionality to wiregate carabiners and makes for hassle-free clipping and cleaning.

Top and bottom Oz carabiners

Patent-pending stainless steel wire hood design provides keylock functionality, eases clipping and cleaning

Equipped with a 10 mm Dynex Dogbone with Straitjacket

Available in 12 cm length

Package set of six

Additional Information

Weight :  378 g

Closed Gate Strength :  20 kN

Open Gate Strength :  7 kN

Minor Axis Strength :  7 kN

Gate Opening :  22 mm

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